Lauren (pink_inkettes) wrote in wyht_addicts,


This day will go down in history as 'The day the fakes won the war'.

On the 28th of August 2004, over 5 fake accounts entered wyht's general talk forum, while the moderators were offline. The fake accounts had one thing in mind; to make wyht go down the toilet hole.
The fakes, not knowing that Natas had just logged on, continued to post; pornography and vulgar images.
At that time, it was one moderator versus the fake accounts, and it would almost be impossible to determine who would win.

I hope they get banned for life, and then sent to wyht hell.

I wonder who will win.
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Flip/Ryan... he needs a life, stat. He works so hard on fake accounts and changes his IP with proxies and crap just so he can get on for an hour and post a couple of times... then when it's closed he spends time making another account. What. A. Loser.
I don't want wyht to die just because of Flip.

If it's gonna die, I wish for it to die in a fight against thousands of hackers...That way Flip wouldn't feel so happy with himself.
i'm glad i wasn't there to witness the madness.
It was pretty gross...Scary almost.